Welcome to my website

Paul Anderson tight cropThis is my archive website, which is here partly to prove that I existed before the internet, partly to provide a comprehensive CV online, partly to show I was always right all along. (If only.)

What’s here…

Most of the material here is articles by me (a few as co-author), but I’ve also included reviews of my books. Nearly everything is as published in print, though there are a few pieces that appear as they were before subediting, several that have new headlines and some from online-only publications. I’ve also cross-posted a few dozen pieces from my blog, Gauche, which I abandoned in 2015, that weren’t published anywhere else. The only things I have edited before posting, apart from headlines, are spelling and grammar.

… and what’s not

I’ve posted all I can find that I’ve had published since 1981 apart from news stories and news features that have no resonance today (with a few gaps pre-1990 that have still to be scanned). Most of it is from left-leaning newspapers and magazines.

Pre-1991 is a mix of features, interviews, leaders and book and theatre reviews, mainly from Solidarity, END Journal, Tribune and Sanity. Most of 1991-93 is Tribune leaders, interviews and features; 1993-96 is mainly New Statesman leaders, interviews and features; 1996-2003 is a mix of columns and features for New Times, Red Pepper, Tribune and ChartistI was teaching full-time from 2003 to 2011, so nearly everything from that period is a Tribune column. I stopped writing the Tribune column in 2014 and gave up on Gauche at the end of 2015 – in both cases largely because I’d too much else to do – so there’s not a lot of recent occasional journalism. And there’s nothing here from books apart from odd chapters…

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