I’ve had four books published:

Moscow Gold? The Soviet Union and the British left (Aaaargh! Press, 2013), co-authored with Kevin Davey, a popular critical account of the myriad relationships between the Kremlin and British socialists. A new print edition has just been published.

Orwell in Tribune: ‘As I Please’ and Other Writings (Methuen, 2006), a collection of Orwell’s columns in Tribune with an introduction and footnotes by me.
Reviews online here.

Safety First: The Making of New Labour (Granta, 1997), co-authored with Nyta Mann, a critical account of the then new Labour government. Reviews online here.

Mad Dogs: The US Raid on Libya (Pluto, 1986), co-edited with Mary Kaldor, an instant book on the US raid on Libya.

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